What is a Trademark?

The trademark is a brand of your business. It can be used as brand name, brand’s logo, or even your brand’s slogan. For example, 'Reebok', or the slogan ‘I am what I am’.

In some cases, the brand’s name and logo are combined into one, as in the case of Coca-Cola. That is called a Logo Composite Mark.

What is Trade Mark Class?

The Trademarks are classified in the 45 classes for goods and services. We have to choose the trademark class/classes for the goods/services which would be registered under same classes only.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Documents Required for Trademark Registration
  • Name of the applicant
  • Type of Business
  • Main Objectives of the Business
  • Name of the Brand/ Slogan/ Logo
  • Address of Registration
  • JPG Format of Logo/Brand Name
Advantages of Trademark Registration
  • Create Trust & Goodwill for your Business
  • Creation of Assets as Intellectual property
  • Legal Protection to your Logo & Business Name
  • Increase Business Opportunity in Competitive Environment
  • Unique Identity for your Business
Who can apply for Trademark?

Trademarks can be applied by individuals, LLPs, private firms, Indian Companies and even NGOs. In the case of the company or an LLP or an NGO, the trademark has to be registered in the name of the concerned business.

Final disposal of your application

The trademark registration application process is done almost instantly. It can be done within a few hours of you giving us your Authorization Letter. The Government, after we make the application, takes 18 to 24 months, to confirm the registration and give you the confirmed Registration Certificate for your trademark. You can then use the ® symbol next to your name.

If you have applied for the similar brand name or with the more similar logo of registered trademarks, the registrar of the trademark will raise the objection. The registrar may also object if they notice that the logo obscene, hurts religious sentiments or believes that it is likely to cause confusion. If it has no objection, Registrar of trade makes an advertisement in the Trade Marks Journal for inviting objection from another business owner. If objection raised by any other business owner shall be heard by the authority under the act.

  If someone has a similar word trademarked

Then you have to re-design your logo so that you can differentiate your business name with the existing registered trademark.

  Should I file the trademark in my own name or company name?

Trademark application should be filled with the company name.

  Types of Symbol

® - R Symbol
® - R Symbol can be used for Registered Trademark. You can use this symbol to protect your trademark from an infringement, under the trademark laws.

™ - TM Symbol ©
The ™ - TM Symbol © can be used in connection with an unregistered trademark if you have applied for Trademark registration.