Affidavit of Sh./Smt. _________ S/o / W/o / D/o Sh./Smt. __________;

R/O _____________________________________.

I, the above named deponent, do hereby solemnly affirm, declare and undertake as under:-


  1. That I am the president/Director/Partner of Society/Trust/NGO/Company /Partnership named: M/s________________________ bearing Registration no. ____________.
  2. That I am authorized to sign this affidavit, on behalf of the above mentioned society.
  3. That the total number of General Body Members/Directors/Partners of the Society/Company/Partnership.
  4. That the amendment in MOA/AOA/Rules and Regulations have been carried out in accordance with procedure laid down under section __________of The Companies Act 2013/The Societies Registration Act 1860/The Partnership Act, as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi.
  5. That there is no any dispute amongst the Members/Directors/Partners/Trustee (Governing Body/General Body/Board of Directors/Partners) of the Society/Company/Partnership regarding Amendment,
  6. That our Company/Partnership/Society have not done any illegal activity/activities and will be not doing any illegal activities in the future.





Verified at delhi, that the contents of this affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therefrom.



NOTE: This format of Affidavit can be used for multi types of changes.


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