Late Return Filing Fees & Interest under GST


Late Return Filing Fees & Interest under GST




Late GST Return filing fee

When a registered dealer is unable to file return on time (i.e. within due date) then he will be liable to pay late fee under GST. GSTR-3B due date for the months of May is 20th June. If GSTR-3B is not filled within this due date assesse will be liable to pay late fee of Rs. 50 per day for normal Return & Rs. 20 per day for NIL return. Earlier it was Rs. 200 per day.

Maximum Late fee can be charged under GST cannot exceed Rs. 5000

For Example: In earlier scenario a dealer has filed GSTR-3B for month of August 2017 whose due date is 20th Sep. 2017 on 30 Nov., now delay in filing of return is (10+31+10) 51 Days & per days late fee was Rs. 200 per day, so total late fees would be Rs. 10200 (51*200), But as per maximum slab it can’t exceed Rs. 5000, So Late fees in this case would be Rs. 5000.

Late Fees for GSTR-3B (July to September) Waived

The Government has waived late fee for GSTR-3B from July to September. Any Late fee paid for these month would be credited to electronic cash ledger, that can be used for discharging GST liability later on.

Late Fee for GST Return as per GST Act

The late fee that was originally decided were as follows which was reduced by Gov. from time to time by way of notification keeping in mind that no harshness would be cause to any dealer/assesse.

  • All return Except GST Annual return: Rs. 200 per day (Rs.100 CGST+Rs. 100 SGST)  of default up to a maximum of Rs. 5000.
  • Annual Returns: Rs. 200 per day up to a maximum of 0.25% of turnover.

Interest on Late Payment of GST Due

Interest to be paid in following Scenario.

  • Default in Payment of GST i.e. pays GST after due date.
  • Excess input Credit Claimed.
  • Reduces excess output Tax Liability.

Currently GST to be paid at time of filling GSTR-3B & GSTR-4.

If GST is not paid within due date of filing of Return interest at following rates will be payable by assesse.

  • Tax Paid after Due date                                                    :       18% Per annum.
  • Excess ITC Claimed or excess reduction in output tax:       24% per annum.

The interest to be calculate from the next day from the date it has become due.

For. Example: A taxpayer has to make a payment of Rs. 20000 on 20th April, due date for GSTR-3b March, 2018. Now he makes payment on 20th May 2018. Interest will be calculated as follow:

Rs. 20000*31days/365*18%=Rs. 306. 

So, everyone is suggeste/advised to file return within deadlines & pay taxes accordingly to avoid late fee & interest. 


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